Are you a visionary beauty entrepreneur ready to make a bold leap into your next-level self and forge a formidable makeup business?

Step into the world of transformative growth with "The Makeup Artist Upgrade."

Tell me More - Ignite Your Beauty Business

Enter the dynamic realm of beauty business transformation with
"The Makeup Artist Upgrade."

This program is your gateway to a powerful vortex of growth and limitless expansion, tailor-made for beauty entrepreneurs.

🌟 What's Included:

With a 12-month membership, you unlock an abundant array of resources:

  • 💥 Comprehensive Courses
  • 💥 Cutting-edge Digital Products
  • 💥 Micro Offers (e.g. masterclasses)
  • 💥 And all the goodness I create during your year-long journey, with upgrades!

🌟 Envision...

🔥 An entire year's worth of courses, complete with upgrades, spanning makeup business strategies and personal development insights.

Abundant resources at your fingertips, aiding you in the seamless expansion of your makeup business.

💬 Direct message access to Katie and her business mind, ensuring personalized guidance for your journey.